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Meeting Schedule

The Board of Trustees holds four regularly scheduled, in-person meetings throughout the year -- an annual retreat and three full Board sessions. The Executive Committee determines the date, time, and place of regular meetings. The first day of meetings is generally devoted to committee work.

The early fall meeting serves as the Board's annual retreat and is for trustees and members of the President's cabinet.


Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule
 Year  Early Fall  Late Fall  Winter  Spring
 2021-2022  Sept 9  Nov 11-12  Feb 24-25  May 12-13
 2022-2023  Sept 8-9  Nov 10-11  Mar 2-3  May 18-19
 2023-2024  Sept 7-8  Nov 9-10  Feb 29-Mar 1  May 16-17


Updated September 2021