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SPA Undergraduate Research Symposium

The 13th Annual SPA Undergraduate Research Symposium (UGRS) provides a forum for undergraduate students to present their original scholarly and creative work before colleagues, friends, and faculty. A "Best of" Award will be determined and handed out for each session, which will include recognition at the annual SPA Awards Ceremony. The date for the symposium is Wednesday April 21, 2021 at 1pm EST.

The symposium is open to all levels of undergraduate students, from First-Years to Seniors. To apply, you need to have taken or be currently enrolled in an SPA course during AY 2020-2021. Students from CAS, KSB, SIS, SOC, and SOE are welcome to present their work if it was done for an SPA course. Please be aware that the symposium uses the term "research" to include creative and performance work as well as formal research. Registration is closed.

Please email if you have any questions.

Spring 2021 Awardees

Best Of Social Issues and Policy Implications Session
Dana Colarocco “Internal & External Factors Impacting LGB Identity Disclosure to Healthcare Providers”
Faculty Advisors:  Professor Kimberly Cowell-Meyers and Professor Ethan Mereish

Best Of Economics and Politics Mixed Together Session
Asher Weinstein “Corporate Campaign Finance Bans and Their Impact On Executive Proxy Contributions”
Faculty Advisors:  Professor Kimberly Cowell-Meyers and Professor Karen Baehler

Spring 2019 Awardees

Session I: Barriers & Facilitators of College Access for Students at the LAYC Career Academy
Stephanie Abreu, Sofia Hinojosa, & Sahara Pereira                    
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. J. Palmer
Results from the Focus Groups conducted in Spanish

Session II: Barriers & Facilitators of College Access at two DC Public Schools & one Charter
Mikalah Maxwell, Tara Moriello, Tyler Sanders, & Suraj Singh
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. J. Palmer
Maya Angelou Public Charter School (Quantitative Results)

Session III: Democracy and Theory - TIE
Elizabeth Irlbacher
Faculty Sponsor: Profs. K. Cowell-Meyers & S. Glover
Democratic Backsliding and Civil Society: A Study of Kenya, Ghana, and Tanzania

Luke Gass
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. K. Cowell-Meyers
“Ready, Aim, Print, Fire”: How 3D-Printed Guns May Affect the Constitutional Debate Over Gun Regulation

Session IV: Criminology, Policing, & Justice
Samantha Danzinger
Faculty Sponsor: Profs. K. Cowell-Meyers & B. Bartholomew
Police Body Camera Policies & Privacy Rights

Session V: Policy Issues
Kira Zimmerman
Faculty Sponsor: Profs. K. Cowell-Meyers & L. Langbein
Suicide and Mental Health Facilities: The Effects of Available Behavioral Health Resources on Rural Suicide Rates

Session VI: Terrorism & Homeland Security
Michaila Peters
Faculty Sponsor: Profs. J. Young & T. Zeitzoff
Determining Disengagement Methods: Deciphering the relationship between engagement pathways of U.S. domestic terrorists and the most effective disengagement methods