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Cherly Holcomb-McCoy

Dean, School of Education
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy,
Message from the Dean


Corbin Cambell


Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Corbin Campbell,


Claretta McDaniel


Assistant Dean-Academic Administration
Claretta McDaniel,


Christopher Morgan


Director, Finance, Personnel, and Administration
Christopher Morgan,


Jason Pier


Director, Strategic Communications and Marketing
Jason Pier,


Graduate Program & Director Information


"A Dual-Enrollment Program for D.C. High School Students Could Help Fill Classrooms in the Future"

"Opinion: Educators Must Prepare for the Dismantling of Affirmative Action"

"Growing Teachers Locally" (Download Link: Options > Download)


During July and August, Corbin Campbell, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, served as an advisor to Gates leadership about Evidence-Based Teaching practices in higher education, particularly for improvement of outcomes of students of color and low SES students. Part of Gates’ strategy is to use courseware and teaching improvement initiatives in gateway courses in broad access institutions to reduce inequities in outcomes. This culminated in a round table among three leading experts on teaching improvement (Barbara Means, Frank Vahid, and myself) and Bill Gates as well as the leadership team from the post secondary program.