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Center for Security, Innovation, and New Technology

Addressing the impact of new technologies and non-traditional threats.

Shaping the future of technology

The Center for Security, Innovation, and New Technology (CSINT) is dedicated to critical engagement with the most consequential impacts of emerging technologies across a wide range of research areas. Situated in a hub of global leadership and policymaking, we are a diverse group of individuals striving to produce actionable results from our research. The center is a forward-thinking collective that leverages research, engagement, and a community of scholars to find optimal, humane solutions.  

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Title slide for CSINT Quick Bit on Drones - click to watch

A Quick Look at Drones

Written by: Monica Middleton

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Title slide for CSINT Conversations with Clint Watts - click to view recorded webinar

Messing with the Enemy with Clint Watts

Recorded Webinar

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Title slide for Operation Trojan Shield article - hand holding phone with ANOM software showing

The FBI’s Operation Trojan Shield:

Infiltrating Criminal Groups through their Phones

By: Nicholas Davis

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Title slide for recorded webinar - CSINT Conversations - Killing Strangers with Tim Wilson - click to watch

Killing Strangers with Tim Wilson

Recorded Webinar

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Title slide for Intelligence and Grand Strategy - click to read

Intelligence and Grand Strategy

By Joshua Rovner

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Title slide for Facebooks global outage wasnt result of hack article - facebook, whatsapp, and instragram logos with a broken computer

Facebook’s global outage wasn’t the result of a hack,

but big political questions lurk behind it

By: Laura DeNardis

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Title slide for Encryption article.


A Tradeoff Between User Privacy and National Security

By: Pragya Jain

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Title slide for recorded webinar - 20 Years After 911 Counterterrorism - click to watch

20 Years After 9/11: Counterterrorism

Recorded Webinar

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What we do


Our research spans a wide range of fields with new technology at the crux. We examine issues from cyber repression and data privacy to geoengineering, global health security, and weaponized 3D printing. Our members are committed, optimistic, and innovative researchers who aim to produce quality work that will have a profound influence on policy now and in the future.


Located in Washington, DC, we have a unique opportunity to interact with leading policy makers on these important research topics. Our events, publications, and workshops are open to a broad community of professionals so that we ensure the best possible collaboration of ideas and produce the most informative results.


Our community is comprised of a diverse group of individuals sharing one goal: to produce forward-thinking research on the future relationship between humans and technology. We welcome participation from corporations, government and nongovernment organizations, think tanks, and other academic institutions in order to create the most comprehensive body of work.

Message from the Founder

New technologies are creating winners and losers.

As these new technologies emerge, we are confronted with important ethical, political, and societal dilemmas that require thoughtful and forward-looking answers. This center is a nexus of innovative research where scholars from a variety of fields think critically about how the future of technology will impact human development and security in a myriad of ways. This is why I founded the center. Please join us.