International Student Program Non-Credit

Washington Semester Program International Students

Over 15 weeks, you will expand your network and acquire valuable experience that helps you set the foundation for your career. At the end of your semester in DC, you will have a changed understanding of the world, which could impact your outlook on your college studies and future career.

Career Training Practicum and Practicum Course

Your career practicum will provide you with experience in a selected field that relates directly to your Washington Semester seminar. Through your practicum, you will develop valuable contacts and gain career experience in the field by completing substantive projects. A career practicum course will complement your practicum by way of discussions and assignments that will reinforce:

  • professional skills of resume and cover letter writing, job search, communication skills, and problem solving;
  • knowledge to help you engage with diverse and complex workplace environments; and
  • your own self-analysis of your practicum experience, including an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses and possible future career paths.

Academic Seminars

Each semester will run 15 weeks, on the same schedule as the traditional credit-bearing Washington Semester Program. Each week will consist of 3 days of career related practicum and 2 days of academic seminars. In all, the program is equivalent to 12-15 credit hours. You will enroll in:

  • 2 seminar courses
  • 1 career practicum course (supplemental to the student's career practicum)
  • If you need a 15-credit equivalent program, in addition to the above noted courses, you will have the option of enrolling in a Washington Semester Program elective or the Washington Semester Program research project.

While in non-credit program, you will be enrolled in classes with students of the credit bearing Washington Semester Program.

Your seminar courses will include lectures led by American University professors, who will expose you to the theory and practice of your seminar topic. Your seminars will be interactive and include in-class lectures, guest speakers, and site visits to nonprofit organizations, businesses, government and international agencies. Through your seminar you will:

  • identify key figures in local, national, and global arenas that influence the national and global issues
  • compare and contrast diverse positions and theories
  • articulate personal perspectives on issues related to your seminar topic
  • develop critical questioning, synthesis and evaluation of course readings and resource materials, individual research, active discussion, and small group collaboration

Program Benefits

The advantages of attending the Washington Semester International Certificate Program is include:

  • Your academic practicum experience is run by an accredited American university and provides academic and practicum experiences that are equivalent to 12-17 US credits.
  • You have access to AU's student and support services, the option to attend campus lectures, forums, join student clubs and social activities, plus participate in the WSP and AU Internship Fair and professional development programs.
  • You can choose to live in university housing, WSP affiliated off campus housing,  or off campus on your own.

Learn more about the academic and practicum experience through Washington Semester Program student blogs.

Tuition and Application Process

Tuition for the non-credit program is $8,500 per semester, plus applicable campus fees (Technology Fee, Student Activity Fee, Sports Center Fee, U*Pass, and AU health insurance). You can opt to reside in AU campus housing (with or without a campus meal plan) for additional cost or live on your own - in housing that you secure in DC. Additional information on program costs can be found on the Tuition & Costs page.

The admission process, dates for nomination from your home school, and application requirements align with the requirements of the credit-bearing Washington Semester Program

Grades and Transcripts

The Washington Semester Program team will work with you and your home school to have the Washington Semester Program courses and grades count on your home school transcript/mark sheet. To facilitate this process, the Washington Semester Program staff will work with your home school staff to provide course syllabi, as well as a portfolio of your work while in the program.

You will be assessed on your academic courses, which will include class attendance and participation, completion of readings and selected assignments, as well as the hours worked and the grade from your practicum supervisor. And, upon completion of the International Certificate Program, you will have developed a portfolio of your academic and practicum experiences.

When you complete the International Certificate Program, you will be graded and receive an American University transcript listing the courses and your grades; however, your transcript will note that courses are non-credit.