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Event Advertising

 Interested in advertising your event to the campus community? Here's what you need to know. 

How Can I Advertise On The Monitors Across Campus?

Advertisements can be submitted for events/programs that are sponsored by a recognized student organization or University department. All events must be confirmed in EMS prior to submission and will not be displayed until a space reservation is confirmed.

While many buildings across campus have digital monitors, most are not open for submissions. Currently, only the University Center (Mary Graydon Center & Butler Pavillion), Residence Halls, and the College of Arts & Sciences accept digital ad submissions.

Digital advertisements should be emailed as either PDFs or Image (PNG or JPEG) files to the content manager of the digital monitors you would like to advertise on. In your message, please indicate the date range you are hoping to advertise for.

Want to add your own monitor? Click here.

What Are The Formatting Requirements And How Long Can I Advertise For?

Due to the layout of the software, ads must be formatted horizontally at the size of 11 inches by 8.5 inches (pixel formatting is 1375 px by 1063 px).

  • Using Canva to design digital materials? You can create a new file size to ensure that your ad will fit the monitor. When on the home page of your Canva account, select "Custom Dimensions" on the top-right and type in the sizes indicated above.

There is a large volume of requests to advertise on the monitors, and this has resulted in both time and quantity limitations.

  • Ads for an event can only be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks. Any ads that require an application process/provide general campus information can be displayed for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Due to these time limitations, ads that include information about monthly programming are highly discouraged. This is because they may be removed from the monitors before all events have occurred. If you wish to advertise multiple events on one ad, please limit it to events held within the same 2-3 week period.
  • Each monitor has a playlist that is on loop 24/7. Each ad will display for 15 seconds at a time in that playlist.
  • Multiple ad formats for the same event will not be accepted. Only one ad per event will be advertised on the monitors.

Do I Have To Get Approval For My Flyers?

Only recognized student organizations and University departments can post flyers across campus. Flyers for department sponsored events must clearly display the department's logo. Recognized student organizations must email to receive approval.

For any print materials to be approved, the event being advertised must be confirmed in EMS. Advertising materials will not be approved until an event space reservation has been completely confirmed.

Additionally, all on-campus events must state the following accessibility statement: "American University is committed to accessible programming and services. For accommodations, please contact"

Please wait 2-3 business days to receive flyer approval.

Where Can I Post My Flyers?

Paper advertisements may only be posted on bulletin boards; ads posted elsewhere may be removed. You cannot post on trees, exteriors of buildings, on painted, wall papered, or glass surfaces, on building/classroom doors, car windshields, or on bulletin boards administered by a University department without their permission.

Printed ads must be at least half letter size (5.5 by 8.5 inches) and can be a maximum of letter paper size (8.5 by 11 inches). Due to limited bulletin board space, legal (8.5 by 14 inches) and tabloid (11 by 17 inches)sized flyers will not be accepted for posting.

Additionally, month or semester-long ads will not be accepted due to limited bulletin board space. In order to allow all departments and recognized student organizations equal opportunity to advertise, flyers will only be posted up to two weeks before an event is being held.

Where Do I Drop Off Approved Flyers?

  • To have flyers posted in the University Center display cases, please drop off 5 copies to the University Center office on the third floor of MGC. We are located in MGC 300. 
  • To advertise flyers in the residence halls, please drop off your materials to the Housing & Residence Life front desk in Anderson Hall, first floor.
  • For academic buildings, you will have to hang the flyers yourself. Please make sure to only post on general announcement bulletin boards and not department specific boards.

For additional details on paper advertising, please review the University Policy on Posting Materials

Chalking must be done where it can be easily cleaned by natural rainfall.
Chalking cannot be done in the following locations:

  • Stairs and ramps.
  • Building entryways.
  • Sides of buildings and walls.
  • The 9/11 memorial section of the quad (between Kogod and Batelle).

Banners may be hung in various locations around campus with prior approval. For more details, please review the Chalking Guidelines. For questions, please email for more information.

Tabling requires a EMS reservation. Indoor space is restricted to allow egress, per fire code requirements. 

While tabling, the name of the organization that made the tabling reservation in EMS must be prominently displayed and at least one member of the responsible organization must be present. 

American University Freedom of Expression

American University defends the right to free expression, including the freedom to express dissent, within the context of the law and responsibility for one's actions. The university also reserves the right to specify time, manner, and place for the exercise of these freedoms, guided by factors that include safety, the rights of others, and the normal functioning of the university. 

Click here for the PDF version of American University's Freedom of Expression Policy