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Your Campus Wellness Experts

The mission of AU's Health Promotion and Advocacy Center is to provide students with wellness resources, promote healthy lifestyles, reduce high-risk behaviors, and offer a safe, non-discriminatory environment.

Our professional staff has expertise in a variety of topics — from sexual health, to stress management, healthy relationships, and alcohol and drug abuse prevention and intervention. We are passionate about applying our holistic approach to programming for students and the entire campus community.

Visit our staff profiles below for more information. You can book an appointment with any staff on our You Can Book Me page. 

Michelle Dagne Coordinator for Victim Advocacy Services Health Promotion and Advocacy Ctr

Michelle Dagne joined AU in September 2019. She is a DMV native, born and raised in Silver Spring, MD! She got her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park (fun

Contact Details How to Get in Touch

If you'dlike to speak with a staff member one-on-one, we ask you to schedule an appointment via You Can Book Me so that you are seen promptly. Not sure who to contact? Read on!

  • For general questions about HPAC, the NCAA Choices Grant, or to schedule contraceptive or sexual health consults, or peer education, contact Mickey Irizarry.
  • To schedule a victim advocacy meeting or learn about resources for you or a friend, contact Michelle Dagne.
Health Promotion and Advocacy Center

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