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Getting Vaccinated

American University is not able to adminster Covid-19 vaccinations or booster shots.

Vaccination appointments for both initial vaccinations and boosters are readily available in the DC area. Here's where and how to schedule:

  • Vaccinations and booster shots are readily available near campus, including pharmacies and grocery stores. Close locations include:
    • Walgreens, 3301 New Mexico Avenue, NW (5-minute walk from campus)
    • CVS, 4500 Wisconsin in Tenleytown (on AU shuttle line and walking distance)
    • CVS, 4851 Massachusetts Ave, in Spring Valley (on shuttle line and walking distance)
  • Go to the CDC’s vaccine location webpage, which includes search boxes for state health departments and the national Vaccine Finder website 
  • Go to the national Vaccine Finder website, which will direct you to relevant locations in your vicinity
  • Go to your jurisdiction’s website for COVID-19 vaccination (by searching on your jurisdiction’s name and COVID vaccination) to see options
  • Ask your personal health provider. Some doctors’ offices offer pre-registration at clinics, or if not, can advise you on services in your area.

Vaccine distribution is managed by federal and state agencies.