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COVID-19 Testing at AU

Please note: The schedule changes regularly! Two weeks are posted at a time. Check the testing schedule before going to your test site.

Ongoing Requirements

  • Unvaccinated students, faculty and staff with approved religious or medical exemptions: testing is required twice per week with 48 hours between the two tests.
  • Vaccinated students, faculty and staff: test if you exhibit COVID symptoms; if you choose to be tested as a safety precaution; if you are exposed to someone who has tested positive; or if there is a need to do surveillance testing.
  • Community members identified as close contacts of someone who recently tested positive for COVID-19:  testing is required 3-5 days post exposure.

Antigen Test Pickup

Faculty, Staff, and Students


9am-4pm Monday-Friday. Test pickup is not available on University Holidays.

Washington College of Law Testing
Capital Terrace CT02

Monday, May 16
Tuesday, May 17
Wednesday, May 18
Thursday, May 19
Friday, May 20

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Taking the Test

Using the Safer Community App

Getting Your Test Results on the Safer Community App

Taking the Test

Please note: The Safer Community app is not being used during Summer 2022. Antigen tests ("rapid tests") for at-home use are being provided for at-home use at the main campus testing site in Beeghly Hall. The following information is not relevant for Summer 2022.

How do I prepare to test?

Download the Safer Community app from your smart phone's app store. Check the schedule above for your category – student, faculty/staff or contract worker – and go to the site, bringing your phone. 

Remember: You cannot have anything to eat, drink, or chew for one hour prior to testing. This includes brushing your teeth, chewing gum, taking medications, smoking, vaping, or drinking water. 

You must be well-hydrated to produce sufficient saliva for this saliva-based test. Although you can't consume anything in the hour immediately before the test, please make sure to hydrate in the days and hours just prior to that. You will need to be able to fill the tube with clear liquid (no bubbles) — and the trick to doing that is being well hydrated!

Do I need an app to test?

Yes, you must use the Safer Community app to check into the test site and receive results and information. 

How often must I test?

  • Unvaccinated students, faculty and staff with approved religious or medical exemptions: testing is required twice per week with 48 hours between the two tests.
  • Vaccinated students: testing is required if you are symptomatic.
  • student-athletes have specific requirements.

Using the Safer Community App

What is the Safer Community App?

The Safer Community app is how you submit tests and receive results. It will also tell you if you are cleared to enter campus facilities, if you need to isolate, what the next steps will be if you test positive, remind you when you need to test, and provide more information you’ll need.

It is used at other universities and in Washington, DC, but your app will be tailored to AU and to you.

How do I get the app and set it up?

Safer Community is available for both iPhone and Android. It’s found in the app store of both platforms.There is no charge to download or use this app. 

To download, go to - 

To log in/ start setup:

  • Launch the Safer Community app, and tap “Get Started”.
  • Enter your AU email address ( so the app can match you to AU’s testing community. Please do not enter a phone number, as it will not be recognized.
  • The app then opens an AU branded login page. Login using your AU Username (NOT full email) and password. 
    • Example: ab1234a; not
  • Acknowledge opening prompts/user agreements  
  • Save your encryption key (may prompt for access to camera/files)
    • The encryption key is a secure means to access your historical test data if you reinstall the app or move to a new device. Treat this like you would a password – store it in a secure place and don't share! 
  • Fill in your personal info
    • Before your COVID test, first-time users must enter their personal information. Log into the app and follow directions.  (It will tell you to scroll to the “Your Account” section and select “Personal Information.” Then select “Update My Personal Information" and enter it. Be sure to use a local address in the DMV - DC, Maryland or Virginia). 

Need more information? See the Help Desk (Knowledge Base) article, Getting started with the Safer Community app.

Getting Your Test Results on the Safer Community App

How do I get results?

Check your app. You will receive a notification when test results are available. On the home screen of the app tap View Health History and it will display your latest results.

You will receive the results on the app. Results will not be emailed.

For detailed instructions, see this Help Desk (Knowledge Base) article, How do I take a COVID-19 test or get my results with the Safer Community app?

When will I receive the results?

Generally within 24 hours of testing. You will receive them on the app. 

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