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Ryan Cassidy is the WLC Program Advisor. His office is in Gray Hall 101 (see Campus Maps). He is happy to assist undergraduates who would like to explore the possibility of majoring or minoring in one of the WLC programs and to help them plan their program of study. Students should see him if they would like to declare a major or minor in WLC or are seeking course equivalencies for study abroad. Make an advising appointment.

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The Department of World Languages and Cultures at American University is conveniently situated close to international trade, diplomatic, and cultural organizations, centers for international studies, as well as US government agencies dealing with international affairs. This presence gives students the opportunity of regular contacts and exchanges, as well as early and continued exposure to regional and cultural environments that make learning target languages easier. A very important advantage of the DC location for language studies is that students have first hand information about internships and employment opportunities in other countries or with international organizations in DC. The proximity of American University to the head offices of many organizations is a marked advantage in establishing contacts and learning about new areas of possible work or research.

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Around DC

WLC*DC is a program designed to enhance experiential learning by incorporating Washington resources into the World Languages and Cultures curriculum. WLC*DC responds to the aims of AU and the College of Arts and Sciences to build a "Washington connection" that provides a forum for the practical application of coursework outside the classroom. WLC*DC brings undergraduate and graduate students into contact with a wide range of government departments, international organizations, embassies, cultural agencies, museums, archives, and libraries.

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Smithsonian Institution

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Language Clubs

Language clubs are organized by students with a passion for language and a desire to share that passion with the greater AU community to promote language learning and cultural understanding. Typical activities include:

  • conversation tables where speakers at all levels meet informally and speak only the target language
  • movie nights where club members watch a movie in the target language and discuss
  • sponsoring speakers for the AU community, for example the French Deputy Ambassador
  • embassy visits
  • museum visits
  • themed dinners
  • holiday celebrations such as the Cinco de Mayo, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras

WLC sponsors the following language clubs. If you would like more information or would like to join a club, please contact the club or faculty advisor: