Research Interests

African Studies

Naima Hachad

North African literature and cultural productions.

Elizabeth Lang

Political, economic, social and cultural issues in Francophone Africa and international development.

Arab Studies

George Berg

Empirical research in applied linguistics with a focus on the development of communicative-based teaching materials for students of Arabic.

Erez Naaman

Arabic language, literature, and culture in the medieval and Pre-Modern Islamic world.

Asian Studies

Svetlana Xu

Philosophy, literature, Chinese culture, and communication.

Xiaoquan Zhang

Literature and culture of late imperial China.

European Studies

Ranieri Moore Cavaceppi

16th century Italian Hospitaller Knights and 20th century literature and modern cinema.

Usasi Chatterjee

Literature and cinema of Quebec and modern French and German poetry.

Alina Israeli

Russian linguistics and literature.

William Quirk

German, English, and French literature from the Romanticism to the present.

Daniele Rodamar

16th and 17th century French literature, the history of ideas, international studies, and language teaching and methodology.

Olga Rojer

Marginalized literature of the German speaking exile in Latin America.

Latin American Studies

Consuelo Hernandez

Latin American poetry, Colombian and Central American studies, Afro-Latin American culture and music.

Ester Holtermann

Immigration and the Latino community.

Amy Oliver

Marginality, feminism, nepantlismo, and transfronterismo in Latin America.

Ana Serra

Intersection between culture and political identity in Cuba, radical politics in Latin America, cultural relations between Spain and the Caribbean, and the make-up of cities and cultural representation.

Nuria Vilanova

Impact of migration on cultural production and narratives of violence and poverty.

Brenda Werth

Professor Werth specializes in contemporary Latin American theater. Her areas of interest include performance, memory studies, documentary theater, and film. She teaches courses on diverse aspects of the Southern Cone, including Postdictatorial literature, performance, and human rights.

Teaching Methodology and Linguistic Studies

Naomi Baron

Student usage and attitudes towards mobile phones in Sweeden, the U.S., Japan, and Korea.

Lilian Baeza-Mendoza

The use of media as a language learning tool and learning disabilities in the language classroom.

Luis Cerezo

Empirical research methods with audiovisual technology for second language learning.

Henry Chip Gerfen

Phonology and linguistic studies.

Recent Publications