To the Point: Anacostia River

Environment ·

Is DC’s Anacostia River on the Rebound and Safe for Swimming?

Environmental science department chair and associate professor Karen Knee answers our question of the week
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Audience member asks a question at a past conference.

Arts ·

Thirteen Years of Breaking Boundaries: AU's Feminist Art History Conference

Conference fosters broad dialogue with scholars from around the world
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A close-up of a female scientist holding up a collection of small plastics she has found whilst collecting samples of water.
Credit: Getty Images

Research ·

Researchers Investigate Microplastics in D.C.'s Waterways

New research documents pollution problem to help policymakers
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Groups of people talking

Department Spotlight ·

The Power of Words: CAS Launches Linguistics Minor

Amelia Tseng talks about Linguistics as key to understanding humanity
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Final peers team

Student Life ·

Students: Need Help with Classes, Majors, Registration? Meet the CAS Peer Advisors

Advisors can assist with registration, academic policies and procedures, and campus resources
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Tracy Weitz

Achievements ·

Tracy Weitz’s Groundbreaking Appointment to Committee on Reproductive Health, Equity, and Society

Pioneering expert on abortion will advise on reproductive health in United States
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Prof. Thurka Sangaramoorthy

Research ·

When the Personal Is Political

CAS Prof. Thurka Sangaramoorthy's new book documents plight of rural immigration and health care challenges
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Interim Dean Leena Jayaswal

Communications ·

Interim Dean Jayaswal is AU SOC Through and Through

From undergraduate student, double majoring in Visual Media and Anthropology, to interim Dean, Jayaswal's history with AU SOC embodies a change-maker.
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To the Point: Extreme Weather

Science ·

Hurricanes, Wildfires and Heat Waves: Is Extreme Weather Our New Normal?

Professor Stephen MacAvoy answers our question of the week
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DANCEWORKS 2023. Photo: Justin Williams

Arts ·

Announcing Fall Performing Arts Events

Music, theatre, and dance performances are free for AU students
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