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Audio Technology

Offering degrees in audio technology and production.

Audio Technology Program

The Audio Technology Program focuses on both the art and the science of audio and music technology. With our strong core courses in sound synthesis, audio production, digital audio workstations, electronics, and physics, we are unique in our approach to blending the art and science in audio in the context of an educational program: please see more about our facilities, student profiles, and blog.

Graduate Programs

Plugged In: Shannon Lynch

Audio Technology alum Shannon Lynch, now with the POTUS Channel at Sirius XM.

Three students adjust knobs on a soundboard.

The program's close association with the Departments of Computer Science, Physics, and Performing Arts allows students to explore different aspects of the discipline, including practical work experience, while our active working relationship with AU's School of Communication enables students to gain practical experience as well as further interdisciplinary perspectives.


Child with virtual reality headset

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Institute for IDEAS Lands $1 Million NSF Grant for Immersive Filmmaking Studio

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Screen capture from Miss You Like Hell

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“Miss You Like Hell” A Virtual Hit

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David Greenburg

MA, Audio Technology; BA, Audio Production
David Greenburg

Enrolled in AU’s combined BA/MA program, David Greenburg will receive his BA in Audio Production (music track) with an Applied Physics minor this spring. At the same time, he is working towards an MA in Audio Technology.

As if that’s not enough, David has a dream internship at the Brookings Institution, where he is working hard at editing, mixing, and producing engaging podcasts, webinars, and other audio content on current issues and public policy—skills he will use to bolster his future career goals.

Along with strengthening my audio production skills across new media formats, software, and content, I’m diversifying my portfolio by learning about and engaging in current news and public policy. Mike Harvey, the director of AU’s Audio Technology program, along with AU faculty, and American University’s location in Washington, DC, have all been invaluable in helping me secure multiple internships.