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Seventh Feminist Art History Conference

September 24-26, 2021

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2021 Feminist Art History Conference Online September 24-26

American University expresses its sincere appreciation to the leading sponsors of the Feminist Art History Conference, Robin D’Alessandro and Dr. Jane Fortune, who have helped secure the future of the conference through their generous support.


2021 Program Overview

See complete 2021 Schedule.

Friday, September 24

  • 6:00, Welcome
  • 6:30, Keynote Address by Dorothy Ko,
    Barnard College, Columbia University:
    Melt: The Female Body and the Ecology of
    Creative Destruction in China

Saturday, September 25

  • 9:00, Breakfast Zoom Social Hour
  • 10:00, Session One:
    1A. The Symbolic Body
    1B. Mentors and Organizers?
    1C. Body Politics
    1D. Activism: Making Space
    1E. Constructing the Artist
  • 11:00, Session Two:
    2A. Early Modern Women Artists
    2B. Finding Feminisms
    2C. Bodies in Motion
    2D. Sculpture: Deconstructing Masculinity
    2E. Mysticism and Spirituality
  • 1:00, Lunch Zoom Social Hour

  • 2:00, Session Three:
    3A. Spaces, Virtual and Real
    3B. Self-Fashioning
    3C. Maternity Revisited
    3D. Raising Awareness
    3E. Activism: In Word and Deed

    3:00, Cocktail Zoom Social Hour

Sunday, September 26

  • 10:00, Session Four:
    4A. Art and Craft, Medium and Message
    4B. Subversion
    4C. Antiquity: Myth and Fantasy
    4D. Technologies of Resistance
    4E. Exhibiting Female Agency
  • 11:30, Special AU-NGA Panel: “Feminist Issues for Museums”
    Moderator: Mikka Gee Conway, National Gallery of Art
    Panelists: Lauren Haynes, Duke University Museum; Catherine Morris, Brooklyn Museum; Asma Naeem, Baltimore Museum of Art; Christine Sciacca, Walters Art Museum; Christina Yu Yu, MFA Boston

Feminist Art History Conference

Organizing Committee

  • Joanne Allen
  • Jordan Amirkhani
  • Juliet Bellow
  • Norma Broude
  • Nika Elder
  • Mary Garrard
  • Andrea Pearson
  • Ying-Chen Peng
  • Kim Butler Wingfield
Alma Thomas: A Washington DC citywide celebration

Alma Thomas Celebration

The 2021 Feminist Art History Conference is a part of "Alma Thomas: a Washington DC citywide celebration"

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Conference discussion.

Conference Background

The conference builds on the legacy of feminist art-historical scholarship and pedagogy initiated by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard at American University. With the goal of fostering a broad dialogue on feminist art-historical practice, the event will feature papers spanning a range of chronological, geographic, and intersectional topics.

Previous keynote speakers include Lisa Gail Collins, Vassar College (2014); Patricia Simons, University of Michigan (2013); Whitney Chadwick, San Francisco State University (2012); Mary Sheriff, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (2011); and Anna Chave, Queens College and the Graduate School, CUNY (2010).

Broude & Garrard Paperback

Introducing Feminist Art History, now available in paperback as well as e-book format, brings together the landmark introductory essays and prefaces written by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard for their five co-edited volumes on feminism and art history (1982-2005). With a new preface (2014).