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JC “Chace” White

Rapping for Biology

JC White produces rap video for Essentials of Biology class

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Delande Justinvil

The Mystery of a Lost African American Burial Ground in Georgetown

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New study finds that planting trees can help drop evening temperature

Feeling the heat? Plant a tree!

Michael Alonzo's new study featured on DC's FOX 5 news.

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Hands holding glowing globe

CAS Introduces Thirteen New and Revised Programs and Degrees this Fall

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CAS Achievements

  • Monica Jackson (math & statistics) received a $125,000 grant from the National Security Agency (NSA) for the Summer Program in Research and Learning Program (SPIRAL at American). June 2021

  • E. Andrew Taylor (arts) published a new book The Artful Manager: Field Notes on the Business of Arts and Culture. June 2021

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Growing Passion, Reducing Impact

Being able to be part of this is just an incredible feeling.

AU becoming carbon neutral instills me with such a feeling of pride. I've worked on so many different aspects of sustainability-social media promotion, sustainability-themed trivia night, and the Waste Race, a competition between residence halls to divert trash away from landfill and into compost and recycling-so reaching this milestone still gives me goosebumps.

Learn more about ways to get involved with Sustainability at AU.

Why the College of Arts & Sciences?

Students and alumni discuss distinctive features of the College, why they chose their particular degrees, and program opportunities they pursued.